Post production


Most recordings are multitrack, whatever the genre of music.  For a classical recording, expect a minimum of two main microphones, two ambient microphones, and a number of spot microphones to help bring out various instruments or vocals.

On a ‘pop’ track, a single guitar could easily have three microphones.

All the tracks must be blended together to create a pleasing result with all the parts having their own space and place.   In popular music this will involve creative use of effects such as compression, equalisation and reverberation.

Re:Sound will mix your multitrack recording down to stereo in liaison with you to achieve a great sound.


With 35 years’ editing experience for major labels such as EMI and Deutsche Gramophon you are guaranteed that your project will be edited to the highest possible standards.

No-one, even the best artists, expects to make a recording without the need for editing.  One take might be fantastic apart from two or three blemishes which happen to be fine on other takes.  As a result, even ‘live’ recordings may be edited.  However, we can do this with such musicality at Re:Sound that no-one will ever know! Extraneous noises, such as thumps, squeaks and whistles may be removed.  Ensemble may also be improved, for example by tightening the attack of a chord if some players are a little early.


Mastering involves the use of many and varied techniques, including compression, limiting, parallel compression, equalisation, mid-side, and many more.  We supply delivery files in any format you require for download, streaming and CD production. As the client, you require great sounding tracks – and, at Re:Sound, that’s what we do!