When working on any sound project, it is important to have a sound that you want to achieve – an ‘aural goal’.  Without establishing a framework within which to work, there can be no control over the end result.

At Re:Sound we are highly trained musicians.  Anyone (to be frank) can put up a few microphones and make a recording, but it takes many years of experience to create a really musical result.

Re:Sound specialises in mobile recording and its highly experienced engineers create the best sound from any given space.   Whether you represent a record label, a band, an ensemble, a choir or a group just starting out, Re:Sound is able to meet (and exceed) your requirements at a competitive price.

Re:Sound engineers are also highly experienced in session recording, which involves much more production input, commenting for example about the relative merits of different takes.  We edit the takes together seamlessly using Pyramix workstations.

Recording a project can take a number of days, so it is important for someone to be in control of the smooth operation and to make sure everything goes to plan.  The producer can organise a venue and dates, as well as making sure that the music is recorded to everyone’s satisfaction.

You will be provided with finished masters which are ready for download, streaming or manufacture, because we carry out all the post production work too.   We can also arrange short runs of up to a few hundred CDs and duplication of larger quantities via one of our associate companies.  Files may be supplied in any format you require.