Abbey Road Studio 2c

At Re:Sound we are expert in turning tapes, LPs or cassettes into any digital format, including CD.  This means more than just copying – it involves the removal of rumble, hum and noise.  But much more than this, remastering requires many years of experience and musical knowledge to be able to achieve the best sound possible from the given material. Years of experience at Abbey Road Studios and thereafter, involving work on thousands of recordings, mean that you can be assured of the best possible results.

Re:Sound engineers extract the best possible sound from archive recordings in the vaults of record companies, radio stations, private collections etc.   The source material may be 78rpm records, LPs or analogue tape.  Please go to or for examples of our work.

Mastering and re-mastering involves:

  • Using a score to check no music is missing
  • High quality conversion from analogue into digital
  • Removing unwanted noises such as thumps, clicks, rumble and whistles.  State of the art software from CEDAR (computer enhanced digital audio restoration) is used, together with EQ and editing techniques.
  • Checking that music is at the correct and intended pitch
  • Correcting audible edits
  • Improving overall sound quality
  • Embedding metadata into the files
  • Mitigating other problems to ensure the enjoyment of the listener without annoying distractions